Travel Essentials for Roadtrips and Hikes

Looking through the many photos I took during my trips always brings back those incredible memories and makes me want to pack my stuff again and leave. But what to bring on a trip? That mostly depends on individual preferences. If you stay at an All Inclusive Resort you won’t need much for sure. I, however, love road trips, multiple day hikes, or roaming through countries … Continue reading Travel Essentials for Roadtrips and Hikes

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city on the south central coast of Vietnam, well known for its white sandy beaches, the warm weather and great scuba diving spots. The area attracts a lot of tourists, especially from Russia. There are already direct flights from Moscow  to Nha Trang, even the menus are translated into Russian, the city has a strong tourist orientation and thus high … Continue reading Nha Trang