Travel Essentials for Roadtrips and Hikes

Looking through the many photos I took during my trips always brings back those incredible memories and makes me want to pack my stuff again and leave.

But what to bring on a trip? That mostly depends on individual preferences. If you stay at an All Inclusive Resort you won’t need much for sure.

I, however, love road trips, multiple day hikes, or roaming through countries on buses and trains, alone or with my loved ones.

If you belong to the same type of traveler, this short list could give you some ideas about what to bring on your next trip, apart from the basic things you bring anyways. And the great thing is you can get all of that stuff on Amazon! 🙂

1. Baby Wipes

No matter if you’ve been sleeping in the back of a truck for weeks or just want to feel refreshed after a short drive or hike, baby wipes are essential, trust me. Bring them, and bring lots of them.

Moreover you don’t have to waste water to clean your face or hands.

They are my number on this list!

Pampers Baby Wipes have proofed themselves the best.


2. Percolator and Stove

Are you a coffee lover? I definitely am. To indulge my desire during long trips or when far away from the next café, I always bring a proper percolator as well as stove.

Plus it’s nice to rest a little, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

My favorite percolator is the Bialetto. It’s popular in the land of coffee, Italy, and therefore is a great choice for all those, who are as addicted as I am.

Having a Cup of coffee on top of the worlds largest pyramid surrounded by endless jungle, El Mirador, Guatemala

3. Thermos

Of course you want to keep your coffee warm and tasty. Bring a Thermos, so you can sip hot coffee during long drives.

Having a coffee with a view of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Photo by Ryan Cudo

 4. Maps

Never blindly trust your mobile phone. There are areas where you don’t have service, or what if your charger stops working? Always bring a good old paper map to orientate. Plus it makes a nice decoration on your wall when you come back home. Don’t forget to always mark the roads you took 🙂

5. Sandals

No matter if you stay in a tent in the jungle or mountains, or if you sit on the passenger seat of a car, it’s great to get out of your shoes.

But what if you have to get out of the tent just for a second? Or all of a sudden there’s that beautiful view right across the street, and you have to get out of the car to take a quick photo? Getting back into proper shoes takes an eternity and you sometimes are just too lazy, so you rather decide to stay inside of the car and chose not to take that photo. But here’s a simple solution: bring sandals! 🙂 Don’t use flip flops, because sandals even allow you to stay in your socks! And who cares about being dressed properly on roadtrips?

Basecamp inside of the third largest cave in the world, Vietnam

6. Ear Plugs

Yes, traveling is beautiful! If there just wouldn’t be all those sleepless nights due to noisy cars or crickets.

Bring therefore lots of earplugs, they sometimes just vanish without a trace, so you want to be prepared.

Trying to sleep in a pullout next to the road, Montana, Photo by Ryan Cudo

7. Trash Bags

We don’t want to litter our beautiful environment, so always bring some extra bags.

Plus they’re great to get rid of your dirty clothes for a while, and have them somewhere seperated from the clean stuff.


8. Chapstick

Air condition in the car, strong winds in the mountains, are just two examples of what can make your lips feel dry. Bring some Chapstick to avoid that itchy feeling.

9. Waterproof Bags

So I went to Norway to dive with Orcas. I brought my brand new 2000€ DSLR, which I just bought the month before. We got into a storm at sea. Complicated story, simple conclusion: if I would have brought some waterproof bags, my camera would have still worked after that trip.

A month ago I was taking photos in Ohio, when all of a sudden I got into a thunderstorm. I’ve learned from my mistakes and brought some waterproof bags. My camera as well as lenses and even my phone, everything was safe inside those helpful bags.

Weather conditions in Norway



21 responses to “Travel Essentials for Roadtrips and Hikes”

  1. Hiya,
    Thanks for liking my blog. Your right about the ear plugs they are essential. I bought mine from they do Ladies and Mens. Regards. Bill H

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Bill! Thank you too for your comment and the ear plugs you recommend! 🙂 I will check them out for my next trip!


  2. Great advice. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. Great post and thoroughly enjoyed reading the great advice. Being a hiker, backpacker and traveler myself, I found your list essential and very helpful 👍🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much! I’m glad you found some useful tips and tricks 🙂

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  4. All very valuable suggestions given in this helpful article! Thank you for following me. I live in Ohio. Smiles, Robin

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    1. Thank you too Robin! I actually just came back from a road trip through Ohio! I absolutely loved it, especially Hocking Hills state park.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so thrilled you enjoyed Hocking hills and I so enjoyed Old Man’s Cave and the waterfalls not too long ago. 🙂


      2. Old Mans cave is a magical place! I went there very early, so I was the only one there. I took some incredible photos of the waterfalls! Ohio is very beautiful. Also the North, especially the beaches at lake Erie! Have you been there yet?


  5. Great list. My bag was overweight last summer and I left my sandals behind thinking I could get a pair cheaply in LatinAmerica. Nope. Nobody seemed to carry a US size 13

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    1. Thank you! 🙂 Ha ha ha ha ha ha I had the same troubles in Asia. Hope you ended up finding some sandals!

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      1. Oh no! I never did find sandals in my size there. I got good at asking for sandals in size 13 in Spanish, though. But I am home now and reunited with my sandals in the US.


      2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha at least you know now how to ask for sandals in your size in Spanish 😉

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  6. Great Post!
    Thanks for like, but as it says, it is the old blog and it will be deleted soon, as soon, as the website is done.

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  7. Thanks informative and useful


    1. Thank you very much Abrie!

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    1. Isn’t it great? I had to share that one, because it made travelling so much more comfortable 🙂


  8. The only thing that is essential for my roadtrips and hikes is my handy dandy camera! Everything else can wait……….LOL


    1. That’s the most important thing for sure 😉


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