Detroits Abandoned Neighborhoods

During my stay in Michigan, I couldn’t resist but do some exploring around Detroits abandoned neighborhoods. You might know from previous posts, that I try to avoid touristy places, even though it’s not always possible, and rather explore areas which aren’t so popular. Before driving into Detroits suburbs, I did some research and found out that actually many people would be interested in going there … Continue reading Detroits Abandoned Neighborhoods

The Story of my First Dive

  Because I haven’t written a post in a long time, there’s a lot of things that happened on my trips to write about 😉 trying to remember those stories is a great way to make memories come alive again. The following text is about my first cave dive in Yucatan, Mexico.   I just had gotten Open Water Diver certified a month ago in Vietnam, … Continue reading The Story of my First Dive

On the way to Mexico :)

After I paid a visit to Tikal, I set off for Tulum, Mexico.  Guatemala is a country, not overflown from tourism yet and the roads are in a good condition, despite the warnings of the foreign office, to avoid driving on the roads, i felt safe all the time. In order to reach Mexico, I had to cross Belize, which involved a lot of bureaucracy, including a 20$ fee and a disinfection of the car. After about an hour I … Continue reading On the way to Mexico 🙂

Tikal, Guatemala

Tikal is an ancient mayan city, hidden in the jungle of Petén.  It’s a mystic place of devotion and tranquillity. You can  find a lot of people there meditating on order to find a balance between body and mind.  A rutted, gravel road heads into the heart of the mayan world. The first scene that meets your eye when you enter the national park are the temples, rising high above the surrounding tropical jungle. I was overpowered by … Continue reading Tikal, Guatemala

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city on the south central coast of Vietnam, well known for its white sandy beaches, the warm weather and great scuba diving spots. The area attracts a lot of tourists, especially from Russia. There are already direct flights from Moscow  to Nha Trang, even the menus are translated into Russian, the city has a strong tourist orientation and thus high … Continue reading Nha Trang

Đà Nẵng

With a Population of about 952000, Đà Nẵng is the biggest city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Like in Hanoi, People are sitting in the streets, eating and selling their stuff. If you cross the bridge over the Han River, you will find a lot of fish restaurants, huge holiday resorts under construction and a  long sandy beach. The sea was rough during my entire … Continue reading Đà Nẵng

On the way south – From Đồng Hới to Đà Nẵng by train

I left Đồng Hới by train, thinking about all amazing adventures which, so far, have impressed my mind and heart. The journey continued. I looked forward to go on, always knowing that there were still awesome things waiting to be seen.  Vietnam Railway Can I recommend anything, like comfortable seats or tasty meals? No. Should you go by train too, if you have the possibility to do … Continue reading On the way south – From Đồng Hới to Đà Nẵng by train

Off the beaten track – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and Hang En Cave

My highlight on this trip so far!!! Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park is located in central Vietnam, 500 km south of Hanoi, bordered by Laos to the west. It is one of the worlds two largest limestone regions. There are many spectacular caves such as the worlds largest cave, Sơn-Đoòng. But due to high price and limited number of people who are allowed to go … Continue reading Off the beaten track – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and Hang En Cave