Ho Chi Minh

Just checked in at Than Huyên hotel in Ho Chi Minh! Due to a new flight schedule I missed my flight to Hanoi but as an experienced traveler I tried to make the best of it and took a look at Saigon! So let the adventure start here 🙂
Its now about 11pm and temperature is 30 dregrees 💟 I think I have found my comfort zone 😉 People are very polite and helpful but they are hardly speaking any foreign language including english! My very first experience here was getting lost somewhere between the crossroads and there where motorbikes everywhere! So it was me standing there with my luggage against an enormous number of motorbikers and stresses taxi drivers!
I felt like I just got into a hunt! After minutes of trying to get myself out of this comfortless situation my efforts have finally been successful and I reached the other side of the street! 🙂 And I have found a hotel there too! Its great to take a shower after a long journey! 🙂 So now I am trying to get a few hours of sleep! 🙂 My plane will depart at 6am to Hanoi! I am looking forward to visit this city! 🙂


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