Kazbek Trip Report – Betlemi Hut To Stepantsminda

When you’re on the summit, you’re only halfway there. Even more important than reaching the summit is to get back safely.
The climb back to civilization from Kazbek’s beautiful peak was equally amazing as the climb up.

Kazbek Trip Report – High Camp To Summit

Reaching the summit of Mount Kazbek was an incredible experience, which made me push to my personal limits and beyond. The views were amazing, Elbrus, Ushba, all those iconic peaks were welcoming us from the distance.

Kazbek Trip Report – Betlemi Hut To High Camp

Day 2 of the incredible climb of Mount Kazbek got us from Betlemi Hut at 3600m to High Camp at 4500m. From intense feelings of altitude to how it was to fall into a crevasse. Read all in today’s blog post.

Kazbek Trip Report – Stepantsminda To Betlemi Hut

In the heart of the Caucasus mountains range is a place, so unique so beautiful. It makes you feel like you’re on another planet, somewhere out in space. Its red glowing landscapes, only interrupted by its mighty glaciers, allow views which can’t be compare to any other place on earth. Mount Kazbek, it was a pleasure to climb you. Read the daily summary in this blog entry.