Day by day climbing reports

Trinity Church
Day 1: Lush green meadows turning into treacherous streams blocking the track. A melting glacier and first signs of altitude at a polluted mountain hut.
Day 2: Climbing in a dangerous culoir through mars like landscapes. Falling into a crevasse and getting altitude sickness at high camp. The beautiful milky way sparkling above our tent.
Day 3: Summiting on two bars of Mars despite all obstacles. Drinking champagne on the top of Kazbek with a crazy Polish man.
Day 4: Returning to Stepantsminda in beautiful weather and having traditional Georgian food at a local restaurant.


Inga Ecker at Mount Kazbek High Camp at 4500m elevation.
Frequently asked questions related to the Kazbek climb for beginners and experienced mountaineers. Find out more about topics like safety, difficulty and costs.
Full gear list for a successful climb of one of Georgias most beautiful peaks.

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