Inga is an IT professional with a Master’s Degree in business administration and computer science, working fulltime in the IT sector as an international team lead in Germany.
Travelling and mountaineering is her passion, she has already been to more than 80 countries, regularly organizes and participates in high altitude expeditions.

The combination of those two diverging worlds is what allows her to see the travel sector from different perspectives. Many of us are aware that while it is necessary to keep the wheels of the industry turning, the effects an increasing demand for international travel has on many areas needs to be reduced.

On her trips, she has experienced the impact our modern lifestyle has on remote places many times, from plastic pollution along the coastal parts of the Darien Gap in Colombia to melting glaciers in Mongolia.

Trying to avoid touristy spots as much as possible, Inga goes to places not a lot of people visit. Her recent solo trips to Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo gave her a new perspective on local communities in Africa, which need our attention as much as the few remaining glaciers on the continent.

Inga has dedicated every single day she gets off work to bring people closer to remote places, create awareness of issues we don’t face every day on social media and inspire others to transform regular trips into conscious journeys. Through her blog she wants to educate people about the importance of respecting nature and encourage them to actively learn about foreign places, communities and cultures.


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