Ararat: High Camp To Summit – 5137m

Summit and Strong Winds

Get up at 12am they told us, otherwise you wouldn’t be at the summit at sunrise. And that’s what we did.
After going to sleep at 6h30pm, I felt tired waking up only a few hours later.
A quick breakfast, just a few nuts and we were again on the stormy ridge, aiming for the summit. The winds were strong, it was cold. I kept my fingers moving inside my big mittens. This is especially important, because you can’t really feel frostbite, by moving fingers and toes, blood circulation continues which partially protects you from nasty injuries.

My headlamp was illuminating a circle like spot on the ground which limited my field of view, I was following Shota’s food steps, one after the other, slowly moving our way up the mountain.
It was 4h30am when we realized that we’ve arrived at the remaining section right before the peak. Way too early.

Intense winds on the way to the summit

We were too fast, we had to take a break, otherwise we’d be at the summit by night. I used the extra time to get into my windproof pants, the storm was getting more intense with every step we took upwards.
It’s difficult to stop in such weather conditions, you get cold immediately, it’s necessary to keep moving, even when it’s just on spot.

After some time, we continued.
The sun was just about to rise, creating a thin red line right above the horizon. From higher up, voices were hearable. Soon we saw three climbers, they had turned around, the wind got too strong on the more exposed sections.

Shota and I were still confident to make it. We kept moving, the gusts were so strong at some points, they literally knocked us off. When we reached the saddle, the dawning day awaited us, Ararats peak was now located between the distant sun and us, casting the Shadow of the Mountain on the otherwise flat lands. It was surreal. The remaining km to the summit started to feel easy despite the intense weather. The incredible scenery motivated us for the final push.

We reached the small summit plateau, the wind had blown away the flag, leaving only a metal pole. I had to lay and hold on to it, the winds were so strong.

But we made it.

We reached the top of Turkey.

Summit of Mount Ararat
Ararat shadow of the mountain summit sunrise
Incredible views on the final section towards the summit
Inga Ecker summit ararat 5137m
Feeling good and strong at 5100m
Mount Ararat turkey summit tallest mountain sunrise
Strong winds and beautiful views at the top of Turkey
Inga Ecker summit Mount Ararat Turkey
Inga Ecker summit Mount Ararat Turkey
Happy at 5137m! 🙂

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One thought on “Ararat: High Camp To Summit – 5137m

  1. That was very exciting. You are crazy, but being crazy is better than being sane and boring. It must be really difficult to navigate those steep slopes in the wind. Speaking of frost bite, our ex-governor and presidential candidate, Gary Johnson climbed Mount Everest. He got frost bite and lost a couple of toes. I told his he was crazy also, but he’s a great guy.

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