Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Review


As summer is coming closer, I was looking for lightweight shoes, which I can use on any terrain, even in water.

As one of the first adventurers in Austria, I got to check out the Vivobarefoot Ultra 3. In order find out if they really come up to my expectations, I tested them in the mighty Carinthian mountains.

The Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 is a water resistant movement shoe for adventures on land and sea. The outsole of the Ultra 3 is made out of a ultra thin, puncture resistant layer, five times more puncture resistant than a standard sole of the same thickness, plus it is completely recyclable. Moreover, the entire shoe is produced using animal free products and processes! Environmental friendly, vegan and innovative? That gets me curious already 🙂

The amphibious shoe can be used for all kinds of sports on land and water, be it running, hiking, swimming, or whatever you’re in the mood for.

So let’s check them out!

Long exposure shot of the new Vivobarefoot Ultra 3, Carinthia

My trip started in southern Carinthia, somewhere close to the Slovenian border. Raging torrents coming from the mountains each time it rains have cut wide riverbeds into the valley. Following those brings you deep into the Autrian mountainscapes. The rocky area combined with various small rivers make this place the ideal location to test the Vivobarefoot Ultra 3.


Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 on a rock in a riverbed, Carinthia

The thin but still durable outsole made it very easy to hike, I didn’t even feel the rocks under my feet. I walked for a couple of meters, then got so excited that I decided to cross one of the streams. The water was cold, the current strong, but because the water was shallow it wouldn’t cause troubles. The Vivos really did a great job. Neither did I slip, nor did I feel uncomfy in them. After getting out of the water, they dried up almost immediately. I’d say they passed the first test. I also really like their design 🙂


An amphibious hero for adventures on land and sea, the Ultra 3

If they ever get dirty, washing them is easy. Just find a river and dip them into the water 😉

Keeping my Vivos clean.

I spent the  entire first part of the hike walking in the river. The weather got really hot, so I was very happy that at least my feet stayed cool. The landscape changed radically and after a couple of hours I found myself in a mystical forest. I decided to have a little break and enjoy some wild strawberries I picked along the way. It felt good to walk in Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 on the mossy ground, almost like walking barefoot. Also they didn’t rub on my skin, even after almost 3h of hiking.

As dusk was coming closer, I decided to start hiking back as I didn’t bring any warm clothes and wanted to avoid walking back at night.

When I arrived at my starting point, the riverbed, the sun was just about to set. The day vanished with beautiful golden skies.

Carinthian sunset

My next stop was the Nockberge in nothern Carinthia.

I left my heavy hiking boots at home and got into my light weight Vivos. It’s nice when you don’t  have to carry several pounds on your feet!

The day started sunny, but soon it got cloudy. The hike was strenuous but beautiful. The Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 felt comfortable on my feet and had a great grip on grass as well as stony hiking trails. When I arrived at 7000 ft., I was rewarded with a beautiful view. The sun was still shining, but in the distance I could watch the storm. Again the Vivos did a great job, even though they were brand new, there was no rubbing points on my skin.

Incredible view after hiking all day in my Ultra 3

Carinthia left me speechless. Beautiful sceneries, friendly people and good food are unique to this place. The VIVOs were an ideal hiking partner during my trip. After two days, my feet still feel good and are ready for more adventures in the Ultra 3.

Watching the skies changing their colors, Carinthia



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  1. Amazingly beautiful places photos and people


  2. Great review and great pics!

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  3. Awesome! post…Like the pictures. 🙂


  4. Today was my first day in the Ultra 3’s I ordered based on your recommendation, and I absolutely love them! Thanks for sharing that tip!


  5. Congratulations on graduating. I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms as you haven’t blogged in a while!


  6. Wonderful blog,hey don’t stop , keep blogging ,lovely informative blog🌹


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