Kazbek: Stepantsminda To Betlemi Hut – 3600m

In the heart of the Caucasus mountains range is a place, so unique so beautiful. It makes you feel like you’re on another planet, somewhere out in space. Its red glowing landscapes, only interrupted by its mighty glaciers, allow views which can’t be compare to any other place on earth. Mount Kazbek, it was a pleasure to climb you. Read the daily summary in this blog entry. Continue reading Kazbek: Stepantsminda To Betlemi Hut – 3600m

Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Review

As summer is coming closer, I was looking for lightweight shoes, which I can use on any terrain, even in water. As one of the first adventurers in Austria, I got to check out the Vivobarefoot Ultra 3. In order find out if they really come up to my expectations, I tested them in the mighty Carinthian mountains. The Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 is a water resistant movement shoe for adventures on … Continue reading Vivobarefoot Ultra 3 Review

Detroits Abandoned Neighborhoods

During my stay in Michigan, I couldn’t resist but do some exploring around Detroits abandoned neighborhoods. You might know from previous posts, that I try to avoid touristy places, even though it’s not always possible, and rather explore areas which aren’t so popular. Before driving into Detroits suburbs, I did some research and found out that actually many people would be interested in going there … Continue reading Detroits Abandoned Neighborhoods