About Me

I’m a regular person, who wants to explore as much of this beautiful world as possible, hiking through jungles and deserts, climbing tall mountains. Sometimes with like minded people, most of the times, though, on my own, I try to experience every place, every culture to it’s fullest.

While being a traveller at heart, it’s important to me to keep the balance between big adventures and regular schedules in my job as an IT manager, also from a money perspective. I finance all my trips myself, through hard work and dedication.

I try to avoid touristy spots as much as possible. If you’re looking for those average Instagram pictures taken at nice beaches or crowded mountain plateaus with easy access, you won’t find any of that content here. If you’re looking for unique places, away from civilization, authentic adventures in incredible landscapes far off the beaten track and remote mountain peaks, you should consider staying around 🙂